Automated video solutions

The Mozaik Enterprise models enable an easy integration into existing processes and products.
Preview of the Mozaik app for enterprise video solutions and team integrations
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The Mozaik interfaces

Automated creation of videos via interface. This enables the scalable creation and retrieval of videos based on special templates, which can be individualized using your data. This allows videos to be automatically placed on platforms or in campaigns.
  • Automated video editing and animation via interface
  • Can quickly be integrated into existing systems 
Code example for usage of the Mozaik video api for corporate dynamic video generation
Whitelabelling of the Mozaik video app for enterprise video integrations of dynamic video

Videos as a white label application in your system

Seamless integration through a customizable user journey and interface. The mobile app as well as the web app are individually adapted to your project and system. Whether we are talking about corporate design guidelines or existing product workflows, video creation can be integrated into your process through Mozaik.
  • White label customization of the software
  • Individual user journeys

Highest data protection standards

Mozaik offers many options to implement extensive data protection measures yourself. Individual consulting ensures that the integration and use of Mozaik is data protection-compliant without having to forego its scalability and ease of use.
  • GDPR-compliant software and processes
  • Optional deactivation of non-EU subprocessors
  • Personal contact for data protection issues 
Label to show that Mozaik App supports GDPR and even more data security measurements

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