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Team introduction via video - This is how it works!
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Team introduction with a difference - your advantages

It doesn't matter if you are a larger company, a small team or a new constellation for a current project: On social media and on your company's website, it's worth introducing yourself and your colleagues as a team in a short video:

  • Ideal for your employer branding to attract new applicants
  • Reflect your corporate culture
  • Creates openness and transparency towards customers and business partners
  • A committed team increases trust and credibility
  • Showing the faces behind a company provides a human connection

There are no limits to your creativity!
And the best thing is that the team presentation videos can be produced quickly and easily with a smartphone and a bit of fun.

Preview of the Mozaik video app and a team introduction video (Team introduction)

Team introduction by video: Self-created in a few minutes!

  1. Brainstorm with your team: What do you want in your video(s)? For example, think of three questions: Each question can then be answered either by the same person or by three different people.
  2. Create a free account with the video software Mozaik .
  3. For example, use our team introduction video template or create your own storyline. Mozaik will then guide you through the entire structure of the video. Are your colleagues working from home? No problem, with Mozaik every scene can also be recorded remotely.
  4. Now rotate the individual shots step by step. From now on it will be very quick.
  5. Now just add your company color and logo and enter your desired texts.
  6. Your first team introduction video is ready, because the editing is completely automated.

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What are you waiting for?

Grab your colleagues and create your team introduction video together. Simply take advantage of our free 14-day trial period. You don't have to cancel afterwards.

How Mozaik users do it

These are the points you should consider when introducing your team:

  • Involve your colleagues in the brainstorming process. This will motivate them to get in front of the camera and make sure they feel comfortable with the content of the video, which will make for more authentic videos.
  • ‍Keep itfriendly and authentic. Especially when introducing the team, you want to see smiling faces. The best way to achieve this is to spontaneously ask your protagonists a few short questions on camera so that they can answer off the cuff. Or you can do it at a team event, when everyone is relaxed and not pulled out of their daily work routine.
  • ‍Learning texts byheart: a no-go. If spontaneous questions don't work, you can work out a short bullet point list together. But it's very important not to have students write down long flowing texts, because they are often learned by rote and rattled off.
  • The team introduction must be appropriate to the company. Feel free to be creative with the implementation and the information you reveal in the videos, as long as it fits the company. Keep your target audience in mind, but as long as you remain yourself, there should be no stone in the way.

Creative ideas for your team presentation via video:

  • Introduce individual employees: Each team member gets their own short video. You have countless possibilities here, so take a look at the ideas for employee introductions.
  • ‍Introduce your department: Want to introduce several team members in one video? Then think of X questions and have each question answered by a different person. This way you can quickly and easily introduce several colleagues. However, don't make the videos too long. We recommend creating several short videos of less than 1-2 minutes.
  • Present team culture: Talk together about your values in working together, your joint activities and team-building events. In the process, everyone has nice and funny moments in mind. This way, you can convey the team's mood quite well in the video.
  • Team Challenge: Provide a fun and relaxed performance by giving your colleagues a challenge on camera. This can be a quiz, a puzzle round or a sports activity.

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As you can see, even if the video isn't perfect, it's still authentic. And with it, these companies reach their target group on an equal footing.
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