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Christmas is just around the corner: Send a personal video with a short greeting to your employees or customers.
Christmas Greeting Video - How to do it!
Preview of the Mozaik app for the case of Christmas Video (Christmas greeting video)
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Create and send Christmas greeting video in 15 minutes

A different kind of Christmas greeting - why not try a personal greeting this year, without stock footage, dancing elves and the like? Try a personal video message in corporate design, in which you say a few words and wish them a Merry Christmas. Your customers and employees will be happy!

Preview of the Mozaik video app and an Christmas Video (Christmas greeting video)

Create Christmas greeting video: Here's how to do it in just a few minutes!

  1. Create a free account with the video software Mozaik.
  2. Open the mobile app and select the Christmas template - a template with Christmas animations created especially for Christmas.
  3. Mozaik guides you through the creation process. All you have to do is speak your message into your phone camera - the app will guide you and walk you through step-by-step.
  4. Then add logo, color and text - to keep your Christmas greeting CI-compliant and professional.
  5. Just wait for the video to render automatically, then you can share your video via link, embed it on your website, download it or create your own landing page with the click of a button.

What are you waiting for?

Try it out and create your video in 15 minutes with our Christmas storyline. We have a 14-day free trial.

How Mozaik users do it

That's why it's worth sending video messages at Christmas:

  • Christmas videos to customers supports customer loyalty. Especially the Christmas season is perfect for customer loyalty and personal address.
  • A Christmas video to employees shows personal appreciation. This is sometimes worth more than the classic corporate gifts such as pens and chocolates.
  • ‍AChristmas video conveys more emotions. A video appeals to different senses via image and sound and transports more emotions - in keeping with the magic of the Christmas season.

You should pay attention to these 3 points:

  • Your Christmas video is still a company greeting - so pay attention to the corporate design. Mozaik offers you an animated Christmas template that you can adapt to your corporate design.
  • Business or casual - you decide. Do you want a professional appearance, since the video is going to customers? Or can it be more casual and funny, since it's going to your department?
  • Keep it personal. Make several personal videos instead of one circular email. Your advantage: A video can also be customized. With Mozaik you can either personalize the text in the video, re-record the sequence with the personal address or use the automatically created landing page and write a small personal text there per recipient:in. A small adjustment that you can do in 1-5 minutes. And your recipients will see that you created a video especially for them!

Ideas for your business Christmas greeting video:

  • Review: Why not make a short video in which you tell your business partners and customers what your company has achieved in the past year? In the process, you can also say a little thank you to everyone. You can find an example from our founder Neele below in the videos.
  • ‍Thankthe employees : Send a small thank you to each department for their valuable work time and dedication. You can find an example from a colleague below in the videos.
  • ‍Card+ video: Valuable customers receive a small gift from you every year anyway? Then simply combine it and add a QR code to the card, for example, which links to your Christmas greeting video.
  • ‍DigitalChristmas party? Why not create Christmas videos with all employees, each of whom creates a greeting for a colleague? You're sure to have a few laughs along the way. For fun and creative ideas, check out our article: "4 ideas for your Christmas greeting video".

And now, between all the stress in the run-up to Christmas, the good news: with Mozaik, for once you're not too late to start thinking about that little Christmas present. In 15 minutes you have created your video and can share it directly via link. You can even do that on 12/24.


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As you can see, even if the video isn't perfect, it's still authentic. And with it, these companies reach their target group on an equal footing.
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