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Free video templates in Mozaik

The structure is the most important element of your video. With the right video structure, you can control how long your viewers watch and what content you focus on.

But the problem is often: Where do I start?
Mozaik's video templates provide a remedy. With Mozaik, the first no-edit business video software, you can focus entirely on the content of your videos instead of spending a lot of time on planning, structure and post-production.

Are you looking for professional templates for your corporate videos?

For employer branding and recruiting? For social media and marketing videos? For videos in internal communication? The Mozaik video templates are perfect for you.

All templates are automatically optimized for mobile devices, social media platforms and the video habits of today's users thanks to classic structures and technical tricks (such as auto thumbnails).

The best part? You can start your video production for free!

‍Justchoose the video structure that suits you, create a free Mozaik account and off you go! All you have to do now is follow the instructions to add your content and let Mozaik do the rest.

Do you want to be sure that your videos also correspond to your professional communication in a corporate context? No problem. Regardless of the template, you can choose a suitable video design. Mozaik then automatically adapts this to your corporate design colors and inserts your logo in the right places in the video.

Within a few minutes you will have a video that

  • follows a professional structure
  • is optimized for social media and mobile devices
  • includes the most important elements of your corporate design
  • is immediately divisible by a video link or the video file itself

Start your corporate video production now with the Mozaik video templates!