Easily plan, create, edit and share employer branding videos

Mozaik helps you stand out from the competition on the job market with videos - super easy!

Preview of the Mozaik App for video creation of employer branding videos
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The all-in-one solution for employer branding videos

Mozaik is the easiest way to create employer branding videos together with colleagues - from anywhere and at any time.

Create videos in just a few minutes

Simply select the right template, create the footage and with one click Mozaik completes your employer branding video - including automated video editing and animation!

100% design compliant employer branding videos

Enter your corporate color and logo once - Mozaik will take care of the rest!

Create videos regardless of the location and time

Whether on-site or remote: invite colleagues to your video project, collect all recordings in the Mozaik cloud, and streamline your video process.

"When we include videos in posts about vacancies on social media, we get a lot more interaction and engagement on the post."
Kathrin Skowronek
Personnel Marketing & Employer Branding Officer - Lechwerke AG

Enable everyone in the company to create videos.

Whether executive, manager or trainee - with Mozaik everyone can create guided videos for employer branding.

Supported planning process

Plan employer branding videos in advance

Plan and brief your colleagues on your ideas for your collaborative video projects to ensure you get exactly the footage you need.

App preview of the Mozaik video briefing feature

Guided recording creation

Collect all the videos for employer branding in one place

Create your own video footage or invite colleagues as guests to your video project to collect video footage. This way, you have all your video content in one place, without having to send annoying cloud links back and forth.

Mozaik app preview of the camera and video selection screen

Automated video editing

Complete employer branding video with a few clicks

Once you've collected all the video recordings of your colleagues, all you need to do is add your corporate color and logo and your employer branding video will be edited and animated fully automatically.

App preview of the Mozaik video design editing feature

Simple distribution

Share your employer branding videos on your careers site and social media

Export your finished video as an MP4 and share it on your social media channels or easily embed it on your careers site via the embed code to win over your ideal candidates.

App preview of Mozaik video sharing options


This process is used by many Mozaik users to produce video employee statements.

Success Story: The faces behind the LEW employer brand

In short introductory videos, Lechwerke AG shows its 2,000 bright minds and their diverse jobs to the world. Interested candidates get a first glimpse behind the scenes and get to know the faces behind the LEW employer brand.

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