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Create an explainer video - Here's how!
Preview of the Mozaik app for the case of an explenation video (explainer video)
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That's why you should resort to short explainer videos:

  • New trend: With the success of TikTok and Reels, it's time to completely rethink explainer videos. Short and snappy instead of ten-minute and lengthy videos. This is how you create the desired "snackable content" for customers and employees.
  • Cost and time savings: Compared to elaborate animated videos, personal explainer videos (with screen recording if necessary) can be created quickly and easily with few resources.
  • Flexibility: You can, for example, respond spontaneously to customer questions and adapt your content to your audience at any time.
Preview of the Mozaik video app and an explenation video (explanatory video)

7 steps to your explainer video (with or without screen recording)

  1. Structure the knowledge to be conveyed into simple and short steps à la step-by-step instructions.
  2. Create a free account with the video software solution Mozaik.
  3. Use our pre-made storyline "3 Infos / Questions" or create your own template with the template builder with as many steps as you need.
  4. Mozaik guides you step-by-step through the required recordings. Depending on the topic, it may be useful to add a screen recording for better clarity. You can create this directly in the creation process with the screencast function of Mozaik.
  5. Then you just add logo, color and text.
  6. Done, the video cuts itself automatically!
  7. Then you can download the video, or embed it in your process with a video link or an automatically created landing page.

What are you waiting for?

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How Mozaik users do it

Here's what you should look for in your explainer videos:

  • Think about where and how the video will be integrated. An example: You have a cleaning company and want to explain certain work steps to your employees in a simple and understandable way. In this case, QR codes are a good idea. These can be attached to the respective places in the work instructions or possibly even in the rooms or on the objects. Behind each QR code is a short explanatory video of the respective work step.
  • Prioritize the creation of explainer videos with the help of a simple trick. You certainly don't have the internal capacity to create 100 explainer videos at once. Therefore, start with explainer videos of steps that are error-prone. If you want to explain a software, you should first show the features in explainer videos, to which the most frequent questions arise in the support. In this way, the explainer videos can be planned thematically and also prioritized excellently.
  • Keep yourexplainer videos as short as possible . It's best to reduce the content of the videos to 30 seconds. Only when your target group realizes that the time it takes to watch the video is worth it will they watch your explainer videos in the future. The more information you can convey in a short time, the better!‍
  • Be consistent. To ensure that your viewers recognize your videos, make sure that your explainer videos are similar in format, style, and design. This will not only make your videos recognizable, but also make them look professional. To ensure this, you can use Mozaik's storyline templates.

Need implementation ideas for your explainer videos?

No matter what you want to explain, with these different implementation options you can map everything in an understandable way.

  • ‍Simpleexplainer video : You simply stand in front of the camera and explain the topic to be covered.
  • ‍FAQ video: The classic FAQ video answers frequently asked questions from users. For example, pick the three most frequently asked questions from the support chat and answer them in a video.
  • ‍Screencast video: With a screencast video, a screen recording is made. For example, you can show work steps on a laptop or a PowerPoint that you have created. If desired, you can fade in your face in the corner and explain the processes during the video. Here you can find an example from our founder Neele.
  • ‍Screen recordingwith subtitles: Another option is to record a screen recording without sound and then use the subtitle function to insert the explanatory texts. You can find an example here.

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As you can see, even if the video isn't perfect, it's still authentic. And with it, these companies reach their target group on an equal footing.
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