Video Collector

  • Collect videos quickly and easily
  • Directly in your video platform
  • Hosted in Europe
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Collect videos from customers or employees

Asking other people (employees, customers, external parties) to record a video can be quite tedious. A video collector helps you to quickly and easily collect video recordings from others. This gives you a wide range of video material and allows you to start exciting new video projects from the content.

Employees: You can collect individual video recordings from employees so that you can use them to produce a series of introduction videos, for example. Or your employees and trainees can present their day-to-day work, you can collect the videos and use them on your job page.

Customers: Or you can collect short video recordings from customers to create testimonial videos.

The recording, collection and subsequent completion of the guest videos is all possible on one platform! No need to create cloud links to hand over raw material or confusing briefing emails.

Your advantages

Collecting videos has never been so easy!

Icon Mozaik briefing function

Write direct instructions

Use the briefing function to explain to customers or employees exactly which shots are required and what they should pay attention to. This will help them produce a video quickly.

Icon for Mozaiks funcion to collect videos in one platform

Receive the recordings directly in your video platform

No annoying sending of raw material back and forth, which has to be viewed and edited afterwards. Your videos end up directly in your video platform.

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You stay in control

The others shoot their videos, but you can create as many CI-compliant videos as you like.


Frequently asked questions

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