Trainees recruit trainees - how to convince trainee videos

Have your trainees create authentic video content to reach other trainees via social media.
Create a trainee video - Here's how!
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Trainees recruit trainees - What does it depend on?

  • ‍Shortvideos created by the trainees themselves
  • ‍Authentic, genuine insights into the company are essential to convince potential young applicants
  • And your trainees know exactly what their generation wants: Insights and background information on the working atmosphere, company values and culture, getting to know the team and information on the application and training process.
Preview of the Mozaik video app and trainee video (trainee video)

Trainee video in 6 steps: This is the easiest way to get started

  1. We follow the motto "Trainees recruit trainees" - so it's best to get social media-savvy trainees who are up for a video shoot.
  2. Depending on how much freedom you want to give them, let them brainstorm on their own or with you what questions they want to answer in the video.
  3. Create an account with the Mozaik video software solution. As a manager, you can invite your trainees to the Mozaik Entry package and assign them the desired user rights in the web app.
  4. For an easy start, your trainees can use the trainee introduction template . This will guide your trainees through the process in an understandable way.
  5. Now your trainees can film the shots they need.
  6. Now all you have to do is add your company color, logo and text with a click of the mouse and:
  7. The first trainee video is finished, the editing is completely automated!

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How Mozaik users do it

Trainees recruit trainees - you can implement these video ideas

  • Interview video: How do you manage to attract young people looking for a suitable apprenticeship to your company? Your trainees are the key point: let them talk about their experiences and activities during their training. This offers a personal and genuine impression at eye level. To make it easier for your apprentices to get started, they can use the template to "Interview" they can use the template to ask and answer each other's questions - so there's not just one person in the spotlight.
  • ‍Experience reports: Your trainees are asked a question such as "What was your best experience in the last few weeks?". It's best if the interviewee doesn't know the question beforehand, because then the video will be authentic and even a brief reflection will come across as very likeable. Other topics can also include "the best feedback", "a challenge overcome" or a "favorite routine".
  • ‍Insightinto the application process: Your trainees have just gone through the application process themselves and can give a tip or two, as this information is particularly interesting for applicants. It's best to make a separate video for each tip. This way you have as much content as possible and avoid lengthy videos.

How to make your trainee project videos successful

  • Actively involve your trainees in the planning and strategy. They know exactly which content is interesting for the target group, which questions are open and which topics they want to cover.
  • Create the first video with a social media-savvy trainee. In this way, you can create reference videos that can be used as examples and models for other videos.
  • Use formats that lower the inhibition threshold to stand in front of the camera. Interview videos, for example, are suitable for this, as you are not alone in the video in this format.
  • ‍Actively trainyour trainees or have them take part in relevant webinars from third parties. This allows them to learn valuable video production tips or overcome obstacles such as insecurity in front of the camera. Mozaik regularly has corresponding offers in its program.

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As you can see, even if the video isn't perfect, it's still authentic. And with it, these companies reach their target group on an equal footing.
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