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This is us

Mozaik Team
Mozaik Team
Mozaik team having fun
Mozaik team having fun at a bar
Mozaik Team at work
Mozaik Team at our office in Nuremberg
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Greetings from the Mozaik founders

We are Mozaik, a young start-up from the beautiful Allgäu region with one goal: world domination!

No, joking aside. We still want to conquer the world. By making it possible for every company and its employees to easily create and use videos.

Our wonderful team consists of creative minds, open and helpful colleagues and video-loving experts from the fields of business and tech. And hopefully very soon: ✨You.✨

For this we stand

The beginnings of Mozaik go far back into the school days of our co-founders. Because that's where they met each other and - as it turned out later - the starting lineup of Mozaik. What initially started as a project among friends has evolved into Germany's first all-in-one corporate video platform. This is our hero's journey.

We are far from reaching our goal, and that's why we are looking for comrades like you who are ready to embark on this journey together with us.

This is important to us

We. Are. Adventurous.

What do all heroes have in common? That's right, they are adventurous! For us, adventurous means that we are willing to experiment and not close ourselves off to the unknown.

We. Trust. Each other.

We do not embark on this hero's journey alone. We do it together as a team. That's why we trust each other to communicate openly and honestly. We trust the team and our cohesion.

We. Have. Drive.

At Mozaik, no one is just a small cog in the machine. Everyone contributes to Mozaik's growth with his/her motivation, creativity and optimism. Without the drive of each individual, we would not be here now.

We. Take. Responsibility.

We take responsibility for our area of responsibility, our decisions and our actions. We take responsibility for our colleagues, for the team and stand by each other at all times.

We. Show. Appreciation.

We appreciate every comrade on this journey. Regardless of whether something goes according to plan or not, we show understanding and appreciation for the trust and commitment of our team.

Start your own hero journey with Mozaik

Mozaik boosts for your hero journey


  • 27 days vacation per year
  • Regular team events
  • Employee discounts with over 1,000 partners
  • Tax-free benefits in kind
  • Subsidy for job ticket or job bike
  • Office equipment budget
  • Ping Pong and obligatory coffee 😏


  • 500 € training budget per year
  • Challenging field of activity with impact
  • Learning and continuing education as a constant part of your work
  • Regular feedback meetings


  • Remote and hybrid working model
  • Workation possible
  • Confidential working time
  • Flexitime

What your future team says


Junior Marketing Manager

"Personally, I love the Mozaik team because I am trusted so much and I can really I can do what I enjoy doing."


Operations Manager

"I have been with Mozaik for over 5 years. Why? Because I have real trust and I can work very flexibly!"

The first quest

At the beginning of your hero's journey, you'll face your first challenge: the application process. We are not fans of unnecessarily long processes, so we try to make our selection processes as simple and efficient as possible - for you and for us.

Step 1: Get to know you call

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Hands-on task

Step 4: Setting

What are you waiting for?

Start your own hero journey with Mozaik today! 🚀

Open positions

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What documents should be included with my application?

How long does the application process take?

Do the interviews take place offline or online?

Is there an assessment center?

Can I apply for more than one position?

Can I submit a speculative application?

Is there a preferred method for submitting applications?

What types of employment contracts does Mozaik offer?

Are there opportunities for professional development and training?

Are there flexible working hours or the possibility of a home office?

What is the work culture like at Mozaik?

What are the opportunities for promotion within the company?

What are Mozaik's values and goals?

Are there employee engagement or social projects in which I can participate?