Use employee generated content for your video strategy

Mozaik gives you everything you need to quickly and easily create Employee Generated Videos for the entire company.
EGC in practice - how it works!
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What is Employee Generated Content and why you should rely on Employee Generated Video

Employee-generated content is all types of content that are created and shared by employees. This can be videos, images or blog posts that are related to the company, created by employees themselves and shared independently of the channel.

  • Videos for internal communication (CEO announcements or weekly update videos from managers)
  • Explanatory videos by employees for employees
  • EGC supports the employer branding strategy on social media

The latter point in particular is exciting: nothing is better suited to communicating the employer brand to the outside world than authentic videos created directly by employees.

Preview of the Mozaik video app and an employee generated video (employee created videos)

How to create employee-generated videos in minutes

  1. Get an entry account with the video software solution Mozaik or test all team functions for 14 days free of charge (without notice period).
  2. Invite your employees. You can do this via the user management in the web app.
  3. Determine the desired usage rights for the employees: Are they allowed to finish and share the video directly or not?
  4. Let your employees participate in the video creation and give them the freedom they need. They can choose a video template and are guided step by step through the video creation process.
  5. Depending on the work distribution, they can add logo, company color and texts on their own after the shoot, or you can support them by simply doing it in the web app.
  6. Ready is the Employee Generated Video, which you or your employees can immediately post on social media.

Here you can go directly to the webapp and start your video project.

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What are you waiting for?

Let your employees create videos now. Simply take advantage of our free 14-day trial period. You don't have to cancel afterwards.

How Mozaik users do it

Employee-generated videos are particularly well suited in these top 4 areas:

  • Internal communications: weekly update videos; CEO announcements; communication of work instructions; explainer videos, etc.
  • Marketing: presentation of products by employees; introduction of employees, etc.
  • Employer branding: job advertisement videos; insights into everyday working life, etc.
  • Sales: FAQ videos on specific products; personal video messages to key accounts, etc.

And the good thing about it is that employer-generated videos increase the "we" feeling, show the human side of your company, and give you reach on a silver platter. And the whole thing works with a small budget: nowadays, you don't need expensive equipment or external expertise. Modern smartphones combined with an appropriate app are enough basic equipment to create high-quality image and video material.

Create Employee Generated Video - These are the challenges to solve:

  • Lack of know-how in video production: Some employees do not dare to create videos because they lack the know-how. Mozaik guides these employees through the creation process, from conception to editing.
  • Corporate design compliance: Of course, it's important that video content adheres to all of your company's design guidelines. With Mozaik, you can ensure this through company-specific video templates. This is especially true for employees who have no other contact with design topics.
  • Different formats: The freedom of employee-generated content naturally also means that employees can create the videos themselves and share them on various channels. However, this also means that the videos are required in various video formats, such as portrait, square or landscape. An optimized solution such as Mozaik maps this 100%. If you want to retain control, you can use the Video Collector.
  • Legal certainty: How do you ensure that all videos have the appropriate music licenses? Especially when employees create content on their own, it's important to keep an eye on it. Mozaik ensures that the music and designs of the videos can be used for commercial purposes on all platforms.


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