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Support new employee onboarding with learning effective, personable videos.
Onboarding Video - Here's how!
Preview of the Mozaik software for the case of an onboarding video
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Digital onboarding - why you should use videos to train your employees

  • This saves time: Videos convey the same content prioritized by you as often as you like.
  • This offers variety: Learning-effective videos refresh the training period for your employees.
  • Your onboarding becomes location-independent: Great for teams that collaborate across multiple locations.
  • Structure is key: Structured onboarding increases employee satisfaction, job performance and long-term retention.
Preview of the Mozaik video software and an onboarding video

Onboarding video: Here's how!

  1. What do you want to convey? The Mozaik video platform has a suitable video template for every type of onboarding video. Register for free and choose your desired template in your favorite design - or create your own according to your wishes.
  2. Follow the template and let it guide you through the complete structure of the video. Film the required video sequences piece by piece or upload already shot videos (such as screen recordings).
  3. Now just add the company color and logo and enter the texts that match the video.
  4. That's it! That's all you have to do, Mozaik cuts the video automatically.
  5. Now you can conveniently download your first onboarding video, create a landing page, or conveniently embed it.

What are you waiting for?

Create your onboarding video in just 20 minutes. Simply use our free trial period. You don't have to cancel it.

How Mozaik users do it

Push your digital onboarding with these video ideas

Welcome your new employees!

  • Introduction video" This is your team". One of the most exciting things in the early days is getting to know your new colleagues. Short introduction videos are suitable for this, especially from managers and people who are not on site. --> To the template
  • Virtualtour: "This is where we work". Many new employees start their first day remotely and don't even have the opportunity to capture the office space and flair. Make a short office tour video to give an authentic insight into the company's working environment.

Tell Good to Know Facts in likeable videos!

  • The basics of everyday working life: "Your guide to getting started with us". Every new person has a few questions on their lips - when is lunch break, which rooms can I use, what's the quickest way to get coffee? Help the newcomers and introduce them to your habits. Here is an example of the corporate benefits in the company.
  • Career options in thefuture: "Your career ladder with us". An awkward question to start with, but an incredible motivator. Show how your career ladder works.

Support familiarization with explanatory videos!

  • Specific duties of the position: "This is your job." Describe the duties, expectations, and responsibilities.
  • Themost important procedures and processes: "Please remember". Procedures and processes are easier to remember if they are recorded in a video and can be watched as often as desired.
  • Trainingin tools: "This is what we work with". Many tools, many approaches? Make a short introduction/summary for each tool.


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As you can see, even if the video isn't perfect, it's still authentic. And with it, these companies reach their target group on an equal footing.
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