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  • Video template for your testimonials
  • Receive design-compliant, uniform videos
  • Directly in your video platform
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Why do I need a Video Testimonial Collector?

With a video testimonial collector, you can quickly and easily collect, organize and manage user-generated content, testimonial videos and video testimonials. This allows you to make testimonial videos scalable.

Here are a few examples of how you can have your customers create great testimonial videos:

  • Testimonial interview: Here you ask individual questions about the product/service and the person (testimonial).
  • Before and after comparison: Ask your testimonial to tell (and if possible show) how the problem was solved before and finally what positive changes have occurred thanks to the product/service.
  • User test video: Let your testimonials use/demonstrate the product/service and share their opinion while doing so.
  • Customer success story: Let your customers tell the success story. In doing so, they focus on what specific goals were achieved and how the whole thing was implemented.

Your advantages

Collecting testimonials has never been so easy!

Icon for the video testimonial collector to convince testimonials

Convince your testimonials

Because you prepare the entire video project, including the briefing. This guides users quickly and easily through the video creation process.

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Receive approval directly

Get the green light to share your videos directly by obtaining consent right before the video shoot.

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Create videos according to your wishes

Every video that your testimonials create looks the same, automatically has your company design and can be customized or published immediately.


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