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Create Video Message - How to do it!
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Video message - What is it?

  • Modern means of communication: Video messages have established themselves as a personal and timely means of addressing internal corporate communications in particular.
  • Short statement videos: In concise video statements, a specific person steps in front of the camera to convey their message in a clear and understandable way.
  • Popular example: CEO announcements are a popular use case for video messages. This is how executives create a personal connection with their employees through their messages.
Preview of the Mozaik video app and a video message (video message)

Create a video message quickly and easily: Here's how!

  1. Create a free account with the corporate video platform Mozaik.
  2. Use our video template "Video message". Mozaik will guide you through the creation process. You can simply record your message with your cell phone camera or laptop or import an existing recording.
  3. Then add logo, color and text with a click.
  4. That's it. Your video will be automatically edited and finished.
  5. You can conveniently post the video message on your intranet via embed code or easily share it via a provided link via circular mail or your messenger.

Extra tip: Colleagues can also access video projects via the web app if needed. For example, a manager could create the footage and a colleague could complete and share the video.

What are you waiting for?

Create a video message e.g. for your employees and be curious about the feedback. We have a 14-day free trial period. You don't have to cancel after that.

How Mozaik users do it

You should definitely keep these points in mind when creating video messages:

  • Brevity is the spice of life: We recommend a length of 30 to 90 seconds maximum. The shorter and more informative the video messages, the more likely they are to be viewed regularly. In most cases, longer explanatory texts are published with the video messages or a contact person is named for questions on the respective topic. Therefore, it is not bad if not every detail in your video message was explained. The message is usually used to summarize and announce topics.
  • Standardize the video creation process: If something is to be established in the company, then it must be fun and fast. It's best to build a small set that managers and/or employees can use to create videos at any time. Mozaik is your supporting software. Thanks to a straightforward user interface, anyone in your company - even the CEO - can create a video message quickly and easily.

Popular use cases for regular video messages:

  • Quarterly updates: CEOs can use regular video messages to update employees on company developments such as financial results, strategic initiatives, and milestones.
  • Weekly updates: Video messages are perfect for giving a brief overview of upcoming tasks and upcoming events every Monday. Perhaps this can provide an extra kick of motivation.
  • Strategic alignment: communicating the company's strategy and goals can be done effectively through video messages to ensure that all employees have and internalize a clear understanding of the company's long-term vision.
  • Introduction of new products or services: Product updates or the introduction of new products is interesting for every department.
  • ‍Esteemand recognition: A small thank you for successfully completed projects ensures motivation and loyalty among the workforce.
  • Celebratory occasions: video messages can be used on special days like company anniversaries or employee birthdays to say a few kind words.

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As you can see, even if the video isn't perfect, it's still authentic. And with it, these companies reach their target group on an equal footing.
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