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Mozaik Feature

Screen recording

Easily create screencasts with Mozaik and embed them directly into your videos - all on one platform.

Explainer videos are important and helpful in various business areas. Whether it is to present your product in a sales demo, to highlight certain aspects in a tutorial video on your YouTube channel or simply to show a tool to new colleagues during onboarding.

In Mozaik, you can easily create and collect screen recordings with the click of a button and use them directly in your video projects. Feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera? No problem, you don't have to get in front of the camera. Want to add a more personal touch to your videos? Show your face while explaining to your viewers what they're seeing on your screen.

  • Create and process screen recordings directly on the video platform
  • Optionally with insertion of the speaker(s)
  • Perfect for explainer videos, demos and tutorials