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Share your videos on social media, on your intranet, in an email, or on your website with one click.

Make sure your videos are seen

Professional corporate videos are of little use to you if they do not reach your target group and are not seen at all. In addition to the actual video production, you should also prioritize the distribution of your videos. This is easier said than done. Because videos can't be published in the same way on all platforms. For example, for social media you need an MP4 file, for emails ideally a link, and then there's also the question: Which resolution format do I need to use on which platform?

No more not knowing how to send videos

Put an end to out-of-context videos

Stop hosting videos on other platforms

Create, host and publish your videos on one platform

Classically, you need a separate tool for each step. The corporate video is edited in the video editing program. Then uploaded to a video platform to host it there. Finally, to embed it on the website. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? And only one video format and platform was considered. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could host your finished video directly in your video tool and share it with one click? With a corporate video platform that is specifically geared towards businesses, this is possible.

How Mozaik helps you distribute your videos

Video export in 2 formats

Share your videos as MP4 on all your platforms

Whether in the social media feed, on the LinkedIn company page, as an Instagram reel or as a supplement to the job advertisement - your videos are always made available in two formats. So you can download your company videos either in 9:16 and 1:1, or 16:9 and 1:1 as a file.

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Export and save Mozaik video as MP4

Customizable video page

Convince your target group with an individual approach

The easiest way to embed or send corporate videos is via video link. But instead of directing your audience to a platform without context, Mozaik's customizable video pages let you target your audience both in the video and on the landing page.

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Video link incl. landing page function in Mozaik

Easy video integration

Embed your videos anywhere with one click

You want to embed videos on your website, company blog or intranet? Don't worry, you don't need to upload your corporate videos to hosting platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. With the video embed code, you can embed your videos directly anywhere with just one click.

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Embedded video on Mozaik website