Simple. Video. Editing.

Mozaik automates the entire post-production process so you can create videos easier, faster, and more conveniently.

Create professional videos - even without video know-how

That sounds impossible? With the right video platform, it's possible! There are many video solutions - from classic video editing programs to mobile video apps or cloud-based solutions. Whether a video solution is right for you depends on your individual requirements and capacities.

If you want to work on video projects with colleagues, it's more complicated because not everyone has the same video knowledge. That's why you should make it easy, fast, and convenient for colleagues to create videos.

Putting an end to worry lines in video editing

Put an end to non-CI videos

Put an end to hours of video editing

Focus on what's really important - your content and the collaboration within your team

Mozaik automates the technical side of corporate video production. This means that you and your colleagues have more time and resources for the really important things: your content and the joint video creation. You don 't need to worry about video editing, music licensing, audio mixing, animations, effects and more. That's what we are here for.

How Mozaik supports you in video editing

Simple video editing

Edit videos stress free

There are many ways to get the perfect shots for your videos. With the video editor in the Mozaik mobile app, you can easily trim shots, crop, apply filters, and more. Additionally, you can access over 10,000 royalty-free music tracks in the music library, so you don't have to worry about licensing anymore!

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Video postprocessing in Mozaik

Automatically CI Compliant

Create design-compliant videos without graphics know-how

Don't know how to give your videos that professional touch so they don't look like home video? With Mozaik, that's no problem! Just add your company color and logo once. After that, all animations will be automatically adapted to your CI by integrating logo and color - without any graphic know-how.

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Automatically CI-compliant videos with Mozaik

Automated video editing

Let videos finish automatically with one click

Forget editing timelines, manual audio mixing, and more. Mozaik edits your videos completely automatically at the touch of a button. Just add your footage, color and logo and Mozaik takes care of the rest!

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