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Map your entire video planning process on one platform with Mozaik.

Achieve your video goals with efficient planning

Preparation is the be-all and end-all. We know this from many other areas. And it's just as true for video production. Pre-production describes the planning phase of video creation. It defines the strategy as well as the content and structure of a video in a script. This script is the basis for your successful video and contributes significantly to the achievement of your video goals.

An end to lengthy agreements

No more sending briefings back and forth

Put an end to video content that doesn't meet your expectations

Make your video planning transparent and accessible

Good video planning alone won't help you if it's not transparent and accessible to your colleagues. That's why you should record it where it's relevant: on the platform where your corporate videos are created. That way, your colleagues will have all the information they need right at their fingertips when they start shooting. Without you having to send scripts back and forth or them having to search for them on different channels.

How Mozaik supports you in video preparation

Individual video briefings

Write custom video scripts

Write scripts for your video projects and assign them to each scene. That way, your colleagues will always have the script in front of them while shooting, and you'll always get the shots you need.

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Individual video briefings in the corporate video platform Mozaik

Proven video structures

Define clear video structures

When planning your video, use storylines to define the structure of your video. This gives all colleagues an overview of how many scenes need to be shot and which ones they are responsible for.

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Interview Storyline on the corporate video platform Mozaik

Variety of animation styles

Set the video format and design

Should the video be created in landscape or portrait format? Determine the video format directly during the creation of your video project, so that no questions remain unanswered. And the design? You can choose from a variety of animation styles to match the mood of your video.

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