Recordings. Simple. Create.

Create:in videos as a lone wolf, work as a team, or invite guests to collaborate on video projects!

Create, collect and edit recordings - all on one platform

To achieve your video goals, you need not only a strategy and a plan, but also videos. And to create those videos, you need footage and diverse video footage. Creating that footage, collecting it, and making it accessible to all teams is a challenge for many companies.

Why? Because recordings are created with different tools, stored in different cloud folders, and collected on different platforms. The solution: a corporate video platform.

Put an end to location-based video production

Put an end to missing shots

Put an end to cloud folder chaos

Build your corporate video library through video collaboration

A corporate video platform is more than just a simple video tool. It supports you throughout the entire video process in planning, creating, editing and publishing your corporate videos. It empowers all employees to create videos - regardless of their video expertise. Using video collaboration, you can build your corporate video library and fill it with footage.

How Mozaik supports you in creating recordings

Remote video collaboration

Create videos together with colleagues

Involve motivated colleagues in video production. Whether they're based remotely, in a home office, or on another continent, cloud technology and a guided creation process make it possible. Simply invite colleagues to join your Mozaik team or as guests in a video project.

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5 options for creating recordings in Mozaik

Video Import

Import existing recordings

The cool videos from your last team event don't have to gather dust in a drawer. Import them with one click into the Mozaik cloud and use the recordings for company videos, introduction videos or recruiting and employer branding videos.

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Video import function in Mozaik

Company video library

Collect all recordings in one place

Say goodbye to countless cloud folders and links sent back and forth. Collect all your video footage on one platform. Whether the footage was created in the Mozaik mobile app or existing footage was imported, you and your team can always find it in the Mozaik cloud!

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Recordings overview of your video library in Mozaik